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Parades – We do love a parade. Our chapter enthusiastically marches in five local community parades. Two on Memorial Day, one in Centreville and one in Sturgis. We usually build a float for Covered Bridge Days in Centreville, march in colonial costumes in the Riverfest parade in Mendon and the Heritage Festival parade in Burr Oak. We have won numerous awards for our entries, even first place for a float that we built. We proudly carry a thirteen-star US flag, a fifty-star US flag, and of course our DAR chapter flag and banner. The US flags commemorate the journey our country has taken from the first days of a young country to present day, still strong and proud. In parades you will find that our ladies have a love of period clothing, especially colonial dresses.

Flag Retirement – Our chapter collects old, worn and faded flags for retirement. Flag retirement ceremonies are not just a means of disposing of a worn flag, they are a tribute to an emblem that symbolizes the nation’s values, history, and sacrifices. We are honored to be a part of flag retirement ceremonies with area veteran groups. Flag retirement ceremonies have a wonderful significance in American culture, they reflect the deep respect and patriotism felt towards the flag and are conducted to ensure that the American flag is honored in its final moments.

VA Hospital Donations – Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals depend on the generosity of donors and volunteers who want to give back to America’s heroes. Our chapter is honored to collect much-needed items at all of our meetings throughout the year. We collect items such as T-shirts, socks, toiletries and puzzle books, and deliver them to our local VA Hospital in Battle Creek.

Women’s Veterans Celebration – Novembers are special to our chapter. It is the month we celebrate our area women veterans. Co-hosted with a neighboring chapter, we provide a wonderful guest speaker, entertainment, a light lunch, and most importantly, time for comradery and sharing memories.